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Using “One Pagers”

link to original storyMar 16, 2017
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The moment I realised the one pager was a communication tool (good) rather than more unnecessary documentation (bad) was a watershed one for me. That one realisation alone lead me to a much deeper understanding of the benefits of lean but structured project management approaches.

In any case, the benefits of one pagers are immense:

  1. The one pager is a single, constant point of reference for any project for anyone who is interested in seeing what work is currently being delivered by a team.
  2. It’s a simple concept with a simple name — used consistently, the one pager allows the team to worry more about the project and less about the process every time they start a new project.
  3. It builds confidence in the team when used correctly — each member of the team knows that if the one pager is delivered successfully, the project will meet the management team’s expectations.
  4. Conversely it forces management to choose their words carefully: If management signs off on a one pager and the one pager is delivered but the end result isn’t what they expect, the responsibility lies with the management team to ensure their approval process is improved.


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