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Using Google Analytics and Search Console data to identify “low-hanging fruit” queries

link to original storyFeb 20, 2017
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One of my favorite tactics when performing an SEO audit (routine or a fresh start) is extracting existing data from Google’s tools. It’s free, it’s somewhat accurate and it’s easy to analyze.

If your site has plenty of content and has been running for a while, you can expect it to easily exceed that number. Using this export you can easily pull out the top 5,000 queries your site ranks for.

You can even pull 10K using the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on.

Now this is something you can play with ☺

Ideas for querying

1. Plug the whole list into a keyword density tool (like this one). See which terms are frequently ranked for (2 or 3 word strings). Then go back to Excel and mark the top phrases found. You’ll be surprised by what you will see.

2. Filter the list to find question oriented queries, most commonly “how to” and “what is”.

You can now return to the Search Console report to understand which pages Google sees relevant for the strings found.

Compile a list of closely related strings and optimize the pages you identified. In many cases I have found that the page ranking isn’t sufficient so a new and targeted one should be created.

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