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A Usability Case Study

link to original storyMar 03, 2017
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Zara is one of my favorite clothing brands, but I run into problems every time I use the app. Although I am not affiliated with Zara, I wanted to figure out if other users were having similar problems. I decided to conduct usability tests, which led me to discover multiple pain points and redesign part of the experience.

Usability Testing

With a better understanding of the user, I went to a mall with a Zara store and selected mall-goers to perform guerilla usability testing. I sampled people to test and verified that they were at least frequent online shoppers prior to beginning the testing. I ended up testing seven users.

Each user was asked to imagine he or she was in a scenario and to perform a series of tasks such as:

  • It’s been cold lately and you’re looking for a winter coat. What do you do?
  • You see a coat you might like. Can you walk me through how you would decide whether this is a coat for you?
  • You added the coat to your cart, but you realize the size is wrong. How do you fix that?


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