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No, Product Managers Don’t Need to Know Coding

link to original storyFeb 28, 2017
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Coding — or scripting to be more precise — is generally a good skill to have for anyone, but it’s not needed for product management. It does not make you a better product manager. You do not need to know coding to improve yourself as a product manager.

Engineers don’t need your inputs on how to build things. In fact, one of the problems that engineer-turned-product managers face early on is getting hung up on how to build things. They spend too little time giving context and too much time discussing implementation details. It can — and often does — cause problems with engineers.

Engineers don’t need inputs on how to design and build things. What they need most is clarity — clarity on what exactly they’re building and more importantly clarity on why they’re building it. If there’s one thing you can do as a product manager to earn their respect, it’s communicating the what and why — coming up with clear roadmaps as far out into the future where possible (so they can avoid rework down the lane), writing detailed user stories, clear wireframes, etc.


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