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Measuring Attractiveness

link to original storyMar 28, 2017
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Attractiveness is not something that I’ve seen tested very much in teams, although it is super useful and surprisingly easy to do. We’ve all been the designer on a team where we wanted to improve aesthetics only to be told there’s no time, or it’s a nice to have. In truth it isn’t a nice to have, it’s essential a lot of the time.

You can make a good argument by using AttrakDiff to demonstrate the effect of your design. AttrakDiff is a product evaluation questionnaire developed by Marc Hassenzahl, Michael Burmester, and Franz Koller to focus on both the usability and the pleasantness of the experience.

How it works

It’s based on a model that divides the product experience into four elements:

  • The product quality intended by the designer
  • The subjective perception and evaluation of the quality
  • The independent pragmatic and hedonic qualities
  • The behavioural and emotional consequences


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