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Let’s Talk About Scalable Design

link to original storyMar 11, 2017
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All products are expected to grow and evolve over time. It’s part of any product lifecycle.

For each product iteration: new features are going to be implemented, new customer segments are going to be targeted, verticals explored, marketing campaigns experimented, and the list goes on and on.

This means the initial design of the product interface will need to evolve and to adapt to the new circumstances, right? Yeah.

Unfortunately, many Designers don’t think the interface in a way that it can easily be changed. Often, these new sections, pages or elements that are added, clearly don’t fit in the existing layout. As a consequence, the entire interface design needs to be rethought as it wasn’t intended to be flexible from the start.

Here comes the importance of Scalable Design

Designers need to contemplate the possibility for business and product changes, right from the beginning, and that must be reflected in their Design proposals — this is a very specific mindset that designers struggle with sometimes.

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