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Feedback Loops and “Done”

link to original storyMar 14, 2017
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Some teams just assume that fast feedback is impossible. It is more like build, build, build — maybe measure — learn eventually. Perhaps they deliver an enterprise product, and the thought of “experimenting” on their customers feels too risky and expensive. Or maybe they lack the tooling, autonomy, and schedule flexibility. The end result is that it feels very inefficient to “wait around” after the “project is complete”. So it is on to the next “project”, and the business (hopefully) commits to monitoring the impact of the work and prioritizing follow-up work should it be required.

This is where Agile — even when perfectly implemented on the delivery side — fails to address the bigger picture of fast feedback and iterative development. Imagine if someone said “and now we are going to have a five month sprint to get feedback” ... the team would cringe! Yet that is exactly what happens when you ship work into the abyss. We add complexity without validating that added complexity. Yes, in theory you are delivering customer-facing value with each sprint...but are you getting feedback with each sprint?


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