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'How To Become A Cold Email Ninja'

link to original storyFeb 20, 2017
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There is power in simply asking for something. That’s what Heather Morgan discovered when she was hired to do biz dev at a mobile games company after leaving her job as an economist at World Bank. With no knowledge of biz dev or mobile games, Heather impressed her CEO by successfully connecting with big name executives in the gaming industry, including the CEO of Guitar Hero.

Fast forward to today and she’s now known in Silicon Valley for her expertise in cold email strategy, and has helped 450+ companies grow using cold email. We loved Heather’s advice and honesty (and her awesome Crowdcasts!) so we invited her to Talks to share some advice. Read on to learn what she shared.
2. Don’t make it about you. You’ve probably heard this before but it bears repeating: the best way to get your email dumped into the spam folder is to talk too much about yourself. The key is to make it all about them. What problems do they want to solve in their work and life? The more you focus on being of service, the better your results.

3. Reduce the jargon. Yes, I’m talking to you, startup folks. You will bore and disengage your reader if you don’t de-jargon your messaging. Instead, try this trick: do some digging and look at blog comments on sites they love, messages in forums, and reviews of competitors’ products by customers like them. Then make a list of what words you commonly see. This is the language that will bring your emails to life.

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