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Agile vs. Hybrid Approaches — Which Will Stay On Top?

link to original storyMar 02, 2017
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According to a recent study by TechBeacon, Agile projects are more successful than hybrid ones. This is a bold statement to be made, especially when keeping in mind that most companies deal with different processes, situations and in general are very diverse. However, the study focused on development and IT professionals show substantial results in favor of Agile.

Amongst the interviewed companies, both Agile and hybrid approaches are widely used as project management practices. The difference between their numbers is not really significant Agile taking the first and Hybrid approaches the second place. Where a difference does come in though is the satisfaction level. Agile users are generally happy with the project outcomes all around, while the hybrid users seem to have issues with six important metrics — Quality and performance, Time to market, Speed of delivery, Scope, Security & Cost and use of resources.

All of these metrics show over 50% or 60% success rate with Agile practices and only around 30% success rate with hybrid methods. So while WaterScrumFall seems to be great on paper, does it fail in reality?


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