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30 Things the Best Managers Know and Do

link to original storyFeb 24, 2017
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The service industry has a unique pain. That is, it’s products are it’s people. Because of this, there are imperative steps involved in managing a project, and team — a project management checklist is a great way to start.

Building a professional relationship with team members not only motivates them to do a better job in their careers, it keeps them loyal. Fostering a culture of deep-rooted respect will benefit not only the associate but also the company.

Let’s face it; the madness of work and life make it easy to be forgetful of the most basic rules of management. I’m far from perfect, but like any relationship, it takes work. That’s why I’ve put together a checklist of daily reminders based on new manager tips and advice on how to be the best manager that I can be.

Everyone’s management style is different. I encourage you to create your own checklist and put it on your desk for reference.


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