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1 Metaphor for Explaining Usability

link to original storyMar 19, 2017
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Now let’s recall how it is to work with a great partner, and how it is to work with a bad partner.

Good usability is like working with a brilliant partner

  • He hands you the solutions on a plate. What you need, when you need it, no more, no less, in the form you expect it.
  • He understands you without words and you understand him effortlessly. You just exchange a look and you already have the answer to the question you didn’t even have to say out loud.
  • Of course he knows very well how you work and what your goals are. He is aligned with your goals and you both work keeping those in mind.
  • He knows your strengths and lets you do what you do best. He takes on all the other things.
  • He is fast. He knows you and your workflow so well that he can easily anticipate your next step and have ready whatever you’ll need by then. You will never have to wait for him. The last thing he wants is holding you back. He gives you wings.
  • You feel loved, you feel cared about. He enables you to be the better version of yourself.


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