When Communication Needs More Than Just the Facts
by Dru Knox on Feb 28, 2017
In issues where our identity is involved, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that logic cannot change someone’s mind, no matter how clearly stated.
Why Fixed Scope Contracts Might Freeze Your Innovation
by Nicolás di Tada on Feb 27, 2017
Developing software systems -and I’d dare to say all systems– implies mastering the arts of uncertainty and complexity.
How Project Managers Can Become Data-Driven Team Leaders
by Stefan Cedergren on Feb 26, 2017
When almost everything else is data driven today, organizations cannot afford not to work with data driven leadership as well.
More Haste, Less Speed
by Malcolm Young on Feb 24, 2017
There’s always time to do things properly, no matter how much of a rush you think you’re in. Cutting corners is likely to hurt you in the long run.
30 Things the Best Managers Know and Do
by Mavenlink on Feb 24, 2017
A checklist of daily reminders based on new manager tips and advice.
Fry Away the Fat! Trimming your Stakeholders – Skeptical Agile
by Tomas Kejzlar on Feb 14, 2017
You have many fake, unaccountable, whining babies, attention seekers, meeting planners and micro-managers pretending to be stakeholders.
Agile Sucks...And This Is How You Can Make It Better
by Nadi Penjarla on Feb 14, 2017
Agile is way better than other methodologies (like “wat….” whose name shall not be taken…) for product development, but it has been touted as the Holy Grail that cures all ills.
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