Widespread Product Management Anti-Patterns
by Maarten Dalmijn on Mar 22, 2017
Anti-patterns are common responses to recurring problems that seem like a good idea. These responses are very common.
Product Manager, Not Owner
by Job van der Voort on Mar 22, 2017
At GitLab, we have product managers. We don’t call these people product owners because it implies ownership they don’t solely have.
Selling Vs. Learning – Rich Mironov – Medium
by Rich Mironov on Mar 18, 2017
If all we see are what our major account teams bring us when the standard solution doesn’t work, we get a deeply biased impression.
Optimizing Your Project for Learning
by Itamar Gilad on Mar 18, 2017
In Tech we have huge bias for Execution - building and launching the product as fast as possible and with the right quality.
Iteration Is Not Design
by Todd Olson on Mar 14, 2017
Iteration with user feedback is great for identifying problems with your design. It doesn’t do a thing to tell you how to fix those problems.
Feedback Loops and “Done”
by John Cutler on Mar 14, 2017
Some teams just assume that fast feedback is impossible. It is more like build, build, build — maybe measure — learn eventually.
Why Agile and Roadmaps Don’t Mix
by Rajesh on Mar 09, 2017
If you’re using agile, you probably used some rough estimation to come up with the timeline. Yet the visualization makes it hard to convey the uncertainty around the timeline.
17 Things Newly Hired Product Managers Should Do In Their First 90 Days
by Aditya Kothadiya on Mar 08, 2017
Tips (mostly in the order of its priority) on what you should do in your first 30 to 90 days as a newly hired product management professional in your new company.
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products (A Review)
by Ayana Campbell Smith on Mar 03, 2017
Practical tips you can apply to make your products downright addictive.
No, Product Managers Don’t Need to Know Coding
by Tim Moore on Feb 28, 2017
You do not need to know coding to improve yourself as a product manager.
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