Notification System Design (99+)
by Henry Modisett on Mar 27, 2017
Notifications are an incredibly powerful tool for a product person to wield that often get underused or abused to maximize short term gains.
Doing User Research in Emerging Markets
by Alice Newton-Rex on Mar 25, 2017
If you haven’t learned some things you were wrong about, you haven’t been bold enough.
Is Your Budgeting Process Killing Innovation?
by Craig Strong on Mar 25, 2017
The successful companies of tomorrow will be those that have developed a responsiveness through adaptive management to capitalise on emergence today.
8 Signs You Need a Product Development Framework
by Jared Ranere on Mar 25, 2017
Here are eight signs that your company is on the verge of a downward spiral and tips on how a strong product development framework, such as Jobs-to-be-Done, can rescue you.
Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results (2017)
by Logan Rose on Mar 23, 2017
Stack Overflow have published their 2017 Developer Survey.
Does Your Enterprise Have a Clear B2B Product Analytics Strategy?
by Sandhya Hegde on Mar 22, 2017
There is little consensus on how B2B product managers, analysts and growth teams should align their product metrics to drive Enterprise success. How should enterprise products define their KPI?
Widespread Product Management Anti-Patterns
by Maarten Dalmijn on Mar 22, 2017
Anti-patterns are common responses to recurring problems that seem like a good idea. These responses are very common.
Product Manager, Not Owner
by Job van der Voort on Mar 22, 2017
At GitLab, we have product managers. We don’t call these people product owners because it implies ownership they don’t solely have.
Why Responsive Design Fails
by Mark J. Mason on Mar 19, 2017
Designers (and the clients who employ them) often forget that responsive design isn’t just a technical exercise, but a different way of thinking about the web as a space.
1 Metaphor for Explaining Usability
by Zsombor Varnagy-Toth on Mar 19, 2017
To understand the impact of usability, imagine the product as a team member. After all it is supposed to help the users to get their jobs done.
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