1 Metaphor for Explaining Usability
by Zsombor Varnagy-Toth on Mar 19, 2017
To understand the impact of usability, imagine the product as a team member. After all it is supposed to help the users to get their jobs done.
When Good Design Isn't The Right Approach
by Erika Akire on Mar 14, 2017
Toyama argues that traditional schools of design, including existing design schools, is about “solving external problems so things are easier for people without any change on their part,”
How Color Choice Influences the Functional Aspects of Website User Experience
by Logan Rose on Mar 11, 2017
The role of color in a user’s digital product experience is not limited to the aesthetic aspect – color can also contribute to many functional aspects of user experience,
Let’s Talk About Scalable Design
by André Oliveira on Mar 11, 2017
Designers need to contemplate the possibility for business and product changes, right from the beginning, and that must be reflected in their Design proposals.
Did Snapchat Succeed Because of Its Controversial UI?
by Carmel DeAmicis on Mar 11, 2017
When asked about Snapchat, many designers heave a reluctant sigh. They’re loathe to admit — although they eventually do — that Snapchat’s power comes from its dreadful, chaotic interface.
IoT & The Design Gold Rush
by James Haliburton on Mar 08, 2017
In effect, the iPhone created a design gold-rush, and with that came Wild West approaches to design. Shoot first, ask questions later.
A Usability Case Study
by William Ng on Mar 03, 2017
William Ng went to a mall with a Zara store and selected mall-goers to perform guerilla usability testing.
How To Get Colours Working For Your Data
by L.B. on Feb 27, 2017
Deliberate choice of colour can effectively strengthen the message that you’re trying to convey through your visualisation.
Easy Steps To Better Icon Design
by Doris Liu on Feb 27, 2017
Icons that are well designed exhibit a methodical and deliberate approach to the three major attributes that make up any icon design: form, aesthetic unity and recognition.
UI Animation: Please Use Responsibly
by Naema Baskanderi on Feb 23, 2017
By animating with intent, motion is used as a tool for communication. Designers should avoid using frivolous animation that get in the way of the user.
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